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How To Open Instagram Account

How To Create Account On Instagram In 2022

How To Open Instagram Account

Instagram is a free application social networking platform that allows its users to share online photos and videos. You can create your Instagram account 2022 in easy steps by yourself. Let’s get started:-

Step 1: Choosing username & password For Instagram

  • You can  download and install Instagram through play store for android users and ios app store for ios users. It is easy to use instagram via smartphone as desktop provides limited features.
  • After downloading > choose a username which you can always change later. Example: I chose and entered “ABC”
  • If the username you chose already exists, it will show an error. So try a different username till you find the non existing username by yourself or choose from the list it offers you. > Click on Next
  • For security, it will ask you to insert a minimum 6 character password.
  • You can select or deselect the “remember password” option > Click Next option

Step 2: adding contact Information

It will ask you to add a new phone i.e. your contact number or you can choose to enter your email. It’s up to you > Click on Next

Step 3: Verifying Contact Details

It will ask you to enter a 6 digit confirmation code sent on your phone or email account whichever you have entered > Click on Next

Step 4: Setup your instagram account

  • You can choose or skip the option to find friends to follow .
  • You can add profile photo or skip
  • Your account is right in front of you. 
  • You can add your bio and can always edit it later
  • You can share your first post as an image or video or a reel.

WAS THAT HARD? You did it by yourself & created instagram account 2022. If you liked the post please do share it and help your friends create their first Instagram Account by self. For more such digital awareness posts, Stay Connected with us at Wyhnot.

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