Friends Products

Friends Products

Friends t-shirt for the ultimate fan club of friends tv series which is still ruling heart of millions of people.

Growing nearly three decades strong, this popular series about six individuals and their close friendship has touched hearts across the globe.

Friends series is a bit like melted cheese; loved by all, it never gets old, and most importantly none of us can imagine what life would be like without it. The show (as echoed in its theme tune) has always been there for us, and provided us with golden nuggets of life changing information such as the importance of Unagi.

Wyhnot  introduces the fabulous collection of Friends T-shirts to help you represent your love for one of the best shows ever.

How can you style like your favorite friends character?

Every character from Friends has their unique style and charm. Wyhnot offers collection of friend t-shirt for every favorite character.

From Phoebe’s bohemian aesthetic to Joey’s mix of textured fabrics,  each character’s style can be recreated with Wyhnot friends t-shirt range.. Here’s a complete list to help you style your tees like TV’s favorite Friends.

Chandler: Wear the Friends printed tees with any light-colored and unbuttoned shirt over it.Pair with Khaki shorts, some casual flip-flops and you’re good to go.

Phoebe: Phoebe’s style can be recreated by pairing the tees with long flowy skirts and a colorful scarf. Add tons of rings, bracelets, and some earrings. A pair of gladiator sandals will complete this look.

Joey:  Pair any of our Friends’ T-shirts with leather jackets. Some faded jeans and a pair of boots will tie together this no-nonsense look.

Rachel: Rachel is the modern-day fashion blogger of the group. Wear the T-shirts with a pencil skirt for a classy look. Recreate Rachel’s casual looks with a vintage mini skirt. Pair with stilettos, a trendy handbag, and some gold earrings.

Ross: Get the look by pairing the tees with some tweed or a button-up shirt. Complete the outfit with some casual shoes.

Monica:  Wear Friends T-shirts with a clean-cut pair of trousers or jeans. Throw over a neat, white shirt that you can even tie up at the front for a cropped look. Pair with chic boots. Remember to iron your clothes carefully, it would make Monica proud.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest collection of friends t-shirt!

Shop friends T-shirts Online in India at WYHNOT

Whether you want to give these  Friends T-shirts to your best buds as a gift or treat yourself to some stylish new apparel, Wyhnot is here to grant your wish.

From the sarcastic Friends like Chandler to all the fashionistas like Rachel, there’s something here for everyone. So go ahead and find your very own friends t-shirt.


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