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Top T-Shirt Color in 2021 Post Image

Top T-Shirt Colour-Picks for Summer

Top T-Shirt Color in 2021 Post Image

As the calendar changed, we looked forward to a better year. Coronavirus had taken its toll but we were ready to bounce back. 2021 howsoever grim right now is a hopeful year.

With the advent of vaccines, we have planted the seed of faith. We will emerge happy, healthy and prosper. Our emotions are the only greatest gift that motivates us to act. Through emotions, we channel energies that reflect in various hues in our lives. Hues. Colours if you will. It is said that we dress according to the job we aspire to do and that inspires us. I remember playing a happy mango as a child in my yellow dress! My point, colour in addition to the dress we choose adds to our personality. I cannot help but remember how I and my best friend unknowingly used to wear the same colour to college. It surely contributed to our bond. See, colours have that effect. I am sure you must have twined some of the other colours with your friends, classmates or colleagues at some point. Our bond strengthened because mostly than not we used to feel the same while dressing up and thus picked the same shades. Cerulean or baby blue was our favourite. The colour of the clear sky just like our hopes for the year. After all, we have waited for so long to be able to go outside.

Now that I have started talking about colour, let me slip a fact. Did you know, that if you use colour effectively, you can position your brand in a customer’s mind? This means it’s the power of the colours that if we gain expertise over, we can earn a fortune. Personally, I felt that fact very interesting and I am going to use it for my writeups. Even you can do it. Just match the various colours of nature with the emotions they invoke in you and Voila! Magic. Most of us must have drawn a scenery in our school, where we would colour the ground green for grass and moss, a tree on the side past which, a blue river flowed. The Sun, bright yellow with the orangish tint would look over everything. Can you imagine what each entity and colour does to us? Quiet wave, a fancy term for moss green is a splash of calm. Green is associated with ‘life’ as plants are green and the primary source of nutrition on land. Hence, the colour reflects calmness, you know the kind we haven’t felt in a year now? So, the next time you are off to meet a friend after lockdown is lifted, I would suggest that other than social distancing, practice mindful colour choice and go with moss green casuals. Calmness is what we need as a community. The other, if you ask me should surely be Marigold yellow. Oh! The smell. The orange-yellow mix of the flower and its relishing lively odour can lift up anyone’s day. It’s a call out for cheerful and comforting times.

When cheerfulness, comfort are the emotions we are indulging in, the mind wonders to the beats of dhol, hands swaying up in the air. Yes, the weddings. India in addition to the country of festivals, is a country of the population as well and we are strongly attached to our roots, our culture. Even when westernization is being promoted hard in the eastern part of the world, marriages in our country showcase a bond for not only this life but over lifetimes. Apart from the dance, turmeric and henna rituals, the best part about an Indian wedding is the elaborate fashion. Other than the bride accepting the love of her life, her partner, many singles who are ready to mingle are on the lookout. In some cases, your parents might help you too in this divine search for a mate! Haha! Now, I haven’t been invited to any weddings this year thanks to the ’50 people only’ guestlist scenario. Yeah, that speaks volumes about my social engagements (cries in a corner) but, I did help my roommate and friends with their colour picks. I was thrilled to find so many choices. Most of us attended online functions and t-shirts were a go-to choice. It is amazing what comfort does to us. Burnt coral, Rust (yes! Something that is so much dreaded in daily life), purple, vibrant raspberry were my favourite. The top picks for any function. All these colours shout THRILL, ooze richness, are chic, confidant and yet so close to nature. These colours also take me back to my childhood when I would colour my tongue with these shades sometimes using popsicles and at other times, lollipops. With the right pairings, these colours decorate the canvas that is your body.

Fun fact, according to research conducted by Joe Hallock, it was observed that even if the colour Pink is associated with females, it is not their favourite colour! Now I am sorry Mr Hallock but I am voting for Pink. The above colours were most liked by my peer group but I would like to suggest an adventure because you know, what is life if not an adventure? One must at least ask once, ‘why not?’ The evergreen grey and ash green are two other hues that one should try and carry as a pro. These are different from the regular mix out there. Green with a minty fresh aura is what my eyes are stuck on. A tinge of grey on the base of green. Flawless!

So, dear kind people, wait for nothing. Going out is now an occasion to remember and so, calls for the best for you. Pick the colour your mood sinks with or the emotion you wanna feel. Make a super entry in your online interviews, rock the virtual stage with your poems, stories, wedding, birthdays and whatnot. Whatever you do, get yourself completely in and dive deeper. Here was all you needed. So long for now.

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